Program supports university students


Council are actively encouraging university students to return to the region after they have completed their studies.

Full time university students from the Swan Hill Rural City Council are being encouraged to apply for the Young Professional Provincial Cadetship Program.
Designed to support young people to develop practical experience in their chosen field, the programs ultimate aim is to encourage young people back into the region after their study is completed.
Economic Development and Tourism Project Officer Lachlan de Morton said
the program includes grants of up to $2500 for businesses and $1250 for students for up to two years.
"This is a great opportunity for local businesses in the region to support young people in our community and to help retain these young people in the area after they have graduated from university," Mr de Morton said.
As part of the program, businesses must be able to offer at least six weeks full time work annually for their cadet and the grant money is designed  for supporting the cadet, not for wages.
Councils Economic Development Unit is urging university students interested in applying in time for the summer university holidays to contact the unit as soon as possible.
To apply for the program contact Economic Development and Tourism Project Officer Lachlan de Morton at the Swan Hill Rural City Council.
The program is funded by  Regional Development Victoria.


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