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sustainableA nine star energy rated home has been built at Tower Hill Estate in Swan Hill, to showcase sustainable priciples .

Swan Hill is leading the way in sustainability after recently constructing a nine star energy rated display home at Tower Hill Estate.
The Tower Hill Eco Demonstration project has been designed to encourage both tradesmen and homeowners to walk through, and take a look at what is available, to improve energy efficiency in your home.
It has been supported by many organisations including Sustainability Victoria, Vic Urban, Swan Hill Rural City Council, and National Centre for Sustainability and SuniTAFE.
Project Manager Robert Jardine said the property showcases solar power, wind turbines, building orientation and design, water conservation, low water use gardens, and unique products for windows, floors, doors, decks and walls.
There is a genuine interest to see how to build an energy efficient home. With power bills set to increase by 60 per cent over the next three years, people need to look at energy efficiency in the home.
"In 20-30 years time Tower Hill Estate will have hundreds of homes and this project has been built to influence tradesmen and builders to look at energy efficiency, Robert said.
There are three critical components to consider when building an energy efficient home - design, material usage and the right builder/tradesmen.
The Tower Hill project has no heating or cooling installed and relies on the principles of sustainability for heating and cooling.
 After several years hard work by so many people it is fantastic to see the realization of the Centre.  We all understand the importance of sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint and now we can show how to do this in Swan Hill, Richard said.
The Tower Hill Eco Demonstration Centre can be found at 64 Sea Lake Road Swan Hill.


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