Nathalia unites to beat flood


Moira Shire Council Mayor Alex Monk has praised the efforts of emergency services, personnel and community volunteers from across Moira Shire who helped during and after the March flood.

The community as a whole pulled together and responded as a united front with help from the SES, and a host of other emergency service agencies.


“‘Volunteers throughout the Shire came from near and far to sandbag, provide moral support, ensure a hot meal was available and simply lend a hand, and I thank these people for the contributions they made throughout Moira," Ms Monk said.

Nathalia’s own Flood Protection Project which was implemented a number of years ago, served its purpose of protecting the township.

.The jointly funded project by Moira Shire Council, State and Federal governments, included the construction of new levees, improvements to existing levees, pump installation to allow stormwater to be pumped from the protected area of town, flood modelling works, the installation of gauging stations at Nathalia and Walsh's Bridge (which were connected to the internet and viewed at the Bureau of Meteorology website) and the installation of demountable flood barriers.

The flood barriers, valued at just over $500,000, were designed and constructed by an Australia-German company and used for the first time to protect the town during the current floods.

The barriers totalled 467 metres in length and were installed at four sites - the Murray Valley Highway (closed in two locations), Railway Street and Weir Street (to fill a section of the levee).

"There was insufficient space in Weir Street to construct a large earthen levee, as was provided for most of the town, so the demountable barriers were chosen for this location as part of the Flood Protection Project implemented a number of years ago," Cr Monk said.

"Barriers can be easily erected and removed once the flood has passed and do not interfere with the aesthetics of the town, which was important for the picturesque town of Nathalia.

"The barriers have certainly provided a simple method to prevent flood water travelling along the road and entering the town."

A Recovery Centre is operating from the Nathalia Sport and Community Centre, Robertson Street, Nathalia, to assist those affected by flooding.


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