Moira Shire attends flood workshop


Moira Shire are tackling flood related issues after attending a workshop designed to help deal with extreme weather conditions.

Unfortunately no-one can control the weather and when Mother Nature throws out her challenges, it is important action is taken to prevent thing s happening in the future.
Taking part in a Flood Issues workshop for Moira Shire councillors, has helped them identify and plan for possible works which
will alleviate some of the flood related issues experienced over recent months.
 Councillor Jessie McCallum said the workshop's objective was to pool collective knowledge on flood related issues and contributing factors, identify issues and prioritise areas requiring work.
"Our aim was to bring as much information and knowledge to the table as possible and begin the process of identifying and planning for possible solutions," Cr McCallum said.
She said planning and consultation with key agencies to further develop possible solutions will continue in the lead up to the 2011/12 Budget process.
 Councillor Brian Keenan said extreme weather conditions and excessive rain events highlighted a number of serious flood related issues.
"We have received record rain in recent times, with February 2011 rainfalls the highest on record, which has highlighted a number of issues. Council is working to identify and cost remedial works; some of which as one would imagine are quite extensive," Cr Keenan said.
"Moira Shire Council certainly sympathises with those residents affected by flooding in recent months and would like to assure Moira Shire residents we are undertaking the necessary groundwork to identify and plan for possible solutions," Cr Keenan said.


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