New role supports agricultural sector


A Rural and Workforce Development Officer will help Moira shire's agricultural sector and ensure it has a sustainable future.

Moira Shire has a strong history of supporting  local businesses and that support has  extended  into the agricultural sector with the creation of a Rural and Workforce Development Officer.
This new role focuses on building up the Shires workforce and developing opportunities in the agricultural sector.  
With his roots firmly planted in regional Victoria and with a strong background in the very successful Rural Skills Connect Program, Greg Laidlaw was appointed to head up this exciting position.
"Rural communities are just so important, not everyone wants to live in a big city," Greg said.
"People don't appreciate how hard it is to keep a business running in country areas. My role involves going directly to businesses and finding out what they need and we then tailor training to suit that need. We have the flexibility to be able to deliver training for the needs of a specific industry."
Greg said country towns provide a great lifestyle, a great place to work and a great place to bring up a family.
"You can get involved in the community, become a community leader and have a big input into the way your kids are looked after heading into the future," he said.
Greg has been employed by the council for eight and a half years and he will build on his recent management roles to deliver workforce development and training.  
 "I have plans to build even stronger relationships with careers teachers, human resource managers, local registered training organisations and community houses in the Moira community."
Greg's top priority is to develop a leading agricultural industry and to achieve that goal, he will be keeping council informed and up to date on important issues.
"Another key initiative will be to increase the number of apprentices within the Shire and ensure employers are aware of current Federal Government programs such as the apprentice kickstart program," he said.


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