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Moira provides export opportunities to business.
2012/08/08 | Sophie Bruns

Moria shire businesses were recently given an opportunity to gain an insight into the lucrative Middle Eastern export market when Austrade Trade Consultant Natalie Gueris visited. Ms Gueris, with Council’s Industry Development Officer Michelle Moore, visited six local businesses to outline some of the export opportunities within her country. Ms Gueris lives in Doha – the capital of Qatar which is a small but stable, import driven country. “Qatar is an extremely wealthy nation. It has the highest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the world at US$181,000 per capita and has experienced average growth of over 21 per cent over the last five years, driven by an oil and gas asset base,” Ms. Gueris said. She believes Moira businesses are well placed to not only supply Qatar but other countries in the oil rich region of the Middle East such as Dubai, Oman, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates. She said Middle Eastern countries import all of their resources including food, and Australia is becoming a very important and reputable trader to the region. The quality and variety of product in Moira particularly impressed Ms Gueris as did the enthusiasm vision and foresight shown by the business owners who are all committed to growing their businesses through export. “Many of these products are in high demand in Qatar, including high-end stockfeed for the equestrian markets, high quality Australian lamb and niche products such as value-added olive oils and Australian prunes that will satisfy the palate of both the ex-pat and Arab communities.” Veronique Froelich from Murray Valley Prunes took time out from her busy schedule to meet and discuss opportunities with was Ms Gueris. “I produce a delicious product that is fully tree ripened with amazing taste and texture, and I believe it to be a perfect match for Middle Eastern tastes and cuisine. I look forward to working with Natalie and Michelle to embrace opportunities to export my product to the Middle East.”   Austrade provides information, advice and a range   of services to assist Australian businesses looking to grow their   business on the world export market. They help reduce time, cost and the risk of   exporting to markets in particular in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Latin   America and Russia.

Murray Dairy program helps farming couple with their business.
2012/01/31 | Sophie Bruns

Putting your farm figures under the microscope for all to see may not be everyones cup of tea but for Naring couple Rebecca and Andrew Phillips, becoming involved in Murray Dairy’s farm focus initiative has been the best thing they could have done for their business.   “Production has increased, I’m feeding the cows better and when you have got 20 people telling you how to run your farm, you certainly listen, “Andrew said.   “All the ideas that have come to us through the group we have pretty much done. Becoming a focus farm has given me confidence and the people and resources to know I can do it.”   Andrew and his wife Rebecca moved to Australia from New Zealand in 1998 and began the path to farm ownership through vendor terms. They officially took over their 129ha farm in 2001.   “There was more opportunity for us for farm ownership in Australia,” Rebecca said.   The couple don’t mind admitting they have made a few mistakes along the way which have cost them financially but they say one of the best things they could have done was become a focus farm and join the Feeding Pastures for Profit Program.   “I am improving my skills set which was not as good as I first thought it was, and I am making huge progress. Confidence is a big thing and looking at risk and opportunity to move my business forward is a huge thing,” Andrew said.   The cows are milked off a feed base of 45ha of permanent pasture – other pasture sown or to be sown include summer active lucerne and shaftal and rye in the autumn.   Currently the couple milk a 300 split calving herd but one of the question they are exploring is stocking rates and whether or not they are milking too many cows.   “We are looking at whether we destock and improve our equity,” Andrew said.   With a young family of four kids Micheal, Bianca, Anneliese and Emily – the Phillip’s are also striving to achieve a better work-life balance and employment of a full time worker is another goal they hope to achieve.   Both Andrew and Rebecca grew up on family farms and they both agree running their own farm was always their major goal.   “I have been my own boss since I was 19 years old and there is nothing else I was ever going to do but milk cows,” Andrew muses.  

New role supports agricultural sector
2010/10/28 | Sophie Bruns

A Rural and Workforce Development Officer will help Moira shire's agricultural sector and ensure it has a sustainable future.

Moira Shire attends flood workshop
2011/02/28 | Sophie Bruns

Moira Shire are tackling flood related issues after attending a workshop designed to help deal with extreme weather conditions.

Moira showcases fresh produce
2010/10/28 | Sophie Bruns

The Sun Country on the Murray Food, Wine and Produce Group has been formed to allow  producers to showcase their local products.

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