Funding helps with clean up


Government funding will help the Loddon shire clean up after January's floods decimated the area.

Flood recovery works for the Loddon Shire will receive a boost after an additional $293,717 was received from the Local Government Clean Up Fund.
This funding will help cover the extensive cost of cleaning up after flood water damaged a significant proportion of roads, fences, homes, businesses and the environment, in the municipality.
A committee, the Loddon Flood Recovery Committee has been set up to help with the cleanup and they have identified cleaning up the Loddon River as a top priority - not only for tourism and economic benefits, but also to help the community recover.
Council staff has been co-ordinating with relevant agencies to ensure the most appropriate and safest methods are used to reinstate the river.
The North Central Catchment Management Authority and VicTrack are commencing works in the Bridgewater area to remove debris from under the railway bridge, clean up the island and remove tree logs in the ski area close to the road bridge. Due to the size and location and restriction of access, the logs may be moved to the river edge and used for erosion control or natural habitat.
Council will also have the river hydrographically surveyed to identify submerged and potentially dangerous obstacles. These obstacles will then be removed prior to opening the river to all users.  This work will be undertaken by a specialist contractor and is scheduled to commence in early August.
The council initially received $100,000 in government funding after the January flood event


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