Pipeline delivers for the Loddon community


Upgrading water delivery in the Loddon shire through a 145km pipeline will help save water, improve water quality and help create a sustainable community.

The outdated East Loddon irrigation system will be upgraded under a new development which will see $14.4 million spent, to bring it up to date and into the 21st century.
Under the works, a 145km pipeline will be constructed with 165 tapping points.
The pipeline will stretch from the Waranga Western Channel in the north to Bridgewater in the south and save 1570 megalitres of water each year. A pump station will be built on the Waranga Western Channel, and the pipeline will have provision for a number of Country Fire Authority tapping points.
The piping of the system will not only save water, it will help relieve stressed river systems and boost the local economy through increased tourism opportunities.
Regional and Rural Development Minister Jacinta Allan said the pipeline will replace the unreliable open channel system,  provide better volumes and better quality water to local farmers and businesses,  along with better drinking water for local towns.
Ms Allan said the channel system in its current form took 1900 megalitres from the Loddon and Goulburn systems to provide the 330 Ml required, to meet demand.
"Piping this leaky irrigation system will mean the system takes only what it needs -330 megalitres a year - saving 1570 megalitres from leaving the Loddon and Goulburn waterways, Ms Allan said.
" Projects such as the East Loddon pipeline have many benefits to regional and rural communities. It will improve water quality, keep farmers and local businesses sustainable, and relieve stressed river systems.
"Government is working with regional communities to drive new prosperity, jobs and opportunities in regional and rural Victoria.
Funding for the pipeline will come from Goulburn-Murray Water - $800,000, the Northern Victorian Irrigation Renewal Project - $9.1 million, and $2.4 million from the Coliban Region Water Corporation.


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