Moira Competitive Advantages




Location a central location in a major economic region that straddles the NSW border area and extends into some of Victoria's richest agribusiness areas- a significant regional market for businesses based in Moira.

Market access ready access to regional, national and international markets through being located on major national and state highways and rail freight lines

Resources a rich agribusiness sector, covering dairy, fruit, beef, lamb, wool, grains and vegetables.

Industry strong industries and growing business in food processing, manufacturing and services.

Tourism a significant tourism industry built around the natural assets of the Murray River and excellent sports and recreation facilities.

Infrastructure a high-quality infrastructure (electricity, gas, water and telecommunications) that provides strong foundations for cost competitive businesses.

People a skilled labour force that shares the country values of stability and commitment.

Lifestyle a quality country lifestyle that offers excellent value in housing, clean green environment and a Mediterranean climate combined with access to some of the best recreational and community facilities.

These advantages are reinforced by a positive attitude and an active approach to development by the community and Moira Shire Council.


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