Irrigators talk it up


The Big Conversation will help irrigators in four shires discuss water.

Northern Victorian irrigators and their businesses are the focus of a Swan Hill, Gannawarra, Campaspe and Loddon Shire iniatitive to discuss irrigation in the area.
The BIG Conversation is a two day free event designed to provide information to farmers on tackling  changing times and considering future options.
 Project manager Kerry Anderson said the main focus  of the event was to encourage  networking  and a sharing of experiences.
"We are not telling you what to do, we are just bringing together a variety of people from the industry," Ms Anderson said.
"Some people may have exited the industry while others are focused on improving and diversifying. We are just calling on people's collective experiences and sharing them with each other."
Calivil irrigators Richard and Jacinta Hicks are looking forward to the event.
In the current irrigation climate it is important that all irrigators make the best decisions
in regards to their future with as much detailed information as they can get, Richard said. With the Big Conversation we will get the chance to talk to other irrigators as well as listen to speakers that will help us shape future management decisions, says Richard.
 There is a lot of confusion surrounding the future of irrigation systems at the moment. The Big Conversation will help to clarify some of the issues facing us in our farm business.
The free event includes dinner, an overnight stay, guest speakers and a regional site tour.
The first event will be held at Barham  Saturday, July 31 and the second at Echuca August 9-10.
A group of different guest speakers will talk at each event.
The BIG Conversation is an initiative of the Community Leadership Loddon Murray program and is supported by North Central Rural Financial Counselling Service.
Forms can be downloaded from or phone Kerry Anderson on 5470 5122.


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