Investment Opportunities in Loddon

Flood package helps recovery
2011/05/02 | Sophie Bruns

A $21 million government package will help flood affected families get back on the road to recovery.

Community hub gains momentum
2011/04/04 | Sophie Bruns

The township of Inglewood is looking to build a community hub in their ionic Town Hall.

Mincha West farmer prepares for the future
2010/12/14 | Sophie Bruns

A modernised irrigation system will help Pat Quinn take his dairying business into the future.

Pyramid Hill farm upgrades irrigation system
2011/01/31 | Sophie Bruns

Modernisation works allows this crop farmer to farm more confidently heading into the future.

Pipeline delivers for the Loddon community
2010/11/23 | Sophie Bruns

Upgrading water delivery in the Loddon shire through a 145km pipeline will help save water, improve water quality and help create a sustainable community.

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