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Irrigation Renewal
Why Here? Why Now?

4Water is becoming more scarce - whether from cycles of drought, changing weather patterns, climate change or growing populations. Irrigation infrastructure loses up to a third of the water it sets out to deliver between reservoir and farm - estimated to be approximately 800 gigalitres (GL) a year as a long-term average. Funding to upgrade the system is available now and will assist agricultural productivity.

The irrigation system will be one of the most advanced in the world. It will need less maintenance and won't have to be upgraded for at least 20 years. Farmers will have faster access to water, with shorter ordering and delivery times. For some parts of the system, the advantages may be subject to capacity, which can affect the expectation of shorter delivery times.

Channel pools will be better managed to get the water on farm more quickly.
Irrigation renewal means irrigators will manage their businesses confidently knowing their water delivery is accurate and delivered at the requested time. This confidence will extend beyond the farm. It will fuel the region's future, attracting investment and businesses, creating new jobs and pumping millions of dollars into the local economy, further boosting regional development.

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