Irrigation in Victorias Food Bowl

irrigation in victoria's foodbowl The highs and lows of farming are well known. Even in one of the country's worst droughts, the Goulburn Murray Irrigation District is Australia's largest single supplier of dairy and processed tomatoes, and a major source of pome and stone fruit. Irrigation water is managed and delivered by Goulburn-Murray Water - Australia's largest rural water resourse authority.

NVIRP Irrigation Investment

Yet the irrigation infrastructure is some of the oldest and most inefficient in Australia. Irrigation modernisation involves using the latest technology to create a world's best-practice irrigation system.

The Northern Victoria Irrigation Renewal Project (NVIRP) is the biggest investment of its kind in Australia and will be the most significant upgrade to the region's irrigation infrastructure in its 100-year history with automated technology and repairs to outdated channels dramatically improving water delivery and efficiency.

To achieve modernisation, a combination of methods are being used to replace and upgrade the irrigation infrastructure that delivers water to farmers including:

  •  automating the main irrigation channels using radio-controlled, solar-powered technology to open and close the channel gates and monitor flows constantly, 24 hours a day
  •  lining channels with clay or plastic to stop water lost through seepage and leakage
  •  remediating channel banks to stop leaking and seepage
  •  removing redundant or obsolete infrastructure and restructuring supply systems and
  •  replacing inaccurate on-farm water meters with modern meters.

Modern channel automation technology is sensitive enough to detect discrepancies in water delivery and to identify where maintenance is required. Critical water level and flow monitoring via automated gates ensures precise amounts of water are delivered when and where they are needed, shortening ordering times and providing more consistent and reliable delivery of water to irrigators.

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