Invergordon attracts young farmers


Availability of irrigation water, good climate, fertile land and a central location are what attracted Brendan and Karina Glass to Invergordon. The couple and their daughter Jess purchased an 80 ha farm and began milking 180 cows last June. It has been only 10 months but the couple have already purchased an additional run off block and expansion is firmly on their minds. Originally from the Kiewa valley Brendan grew up on a family dairy farm. When he was 16 he left school and wasn’t interested in dairying but some 11 years later that is exactly what he is doing. He had tried his hand at a few different jobs over the years but the lifestyle of the dairying industry and the ability to make your own decisions and be your own boss held more appeal than a 9-5 job. The property appealed to Brendan because it was perfectly lasered and a third of the pasture was planted to lucerne. “My uncle lives here and the value of land and availability of water really appealed to us. We have moved here to build up our asset base and get some cash behind us so we can eventually farm back at Kiewa,” Brendan said. The 16 swing over dairy with Christopher stall gates is located close to the house which makes things easier with young daughter Jessica in toe. Both Karina and Brendan milk, but the shed can easily be managed by a single operator. Boxer dog Sarge helps out at times with babysitting duties and keeps a keen eye on Jess if she is at the dairy. He is pretty quick to let Brendan or Karina know if she is about to get into any mischief. The purchased of an additional 36ha run off block will help them grow more fodder for the milking herd. The cows are fed around 6kgs of mixed grain in the bail and are according to Brendan ‘mostly grass fed.’ The couple are looking to expand their operation and are hoping to calve down around 250-270 cows this spring. “I am happy to milk extra cows to pay for a full time worker so I can spend some more time with my family down the track,” Brendan said. While Karina doesn’t come from a farming back ground she has embraced the lifestyle and is looking to continually improve her dairying knowledge. She was successful in obtaining a Gardiner Foundation scholarship which she is using to get her Diploma of Agriculture. She is also heading off on the MG Young Supplier Study Farm Tour to New Zealand in June. “I love the lifestyle the industry offers. We can farm with Jess and spend time with her- we don’t have to put her in day care while we work and that’s a real bonus,” Karina said.

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