Vegan B&B takes off at Katandra.


When Scott and Nikki Medwell’s desire for more land drove them to purchase five acres at Katandra West, they had no idea their dream would lead them to opening the first vegan bed and breakfast in Australia.

The couple were hoping their bed and breakfast accommodation would be booked out some weekends but since opening in November, they have been inundated with guests who have flocked to the aptly named Bed and Broccoli.

The food is of course a major attraction, but so is the accommodation- a renovated dairy which the Medwell’s spent six months renovating.

The self contained dairy includes a spacious bedroom, lounge room, fully equipped kitchenette and all the mod cons which make it a comfortable place to stay.

Nikki does all the cooking and she reckons there is nothing she can’t do- from roasts to barbecue’s to cheesecakes and mud cakes- the list is endless and the food is scrumptious. Nicci has even developed a Bed and Broccoli food line which includes relishes, jams and vegan dog biscuits.

"We thought a B and B would be the perfect way to share our love of Vegan food with others,” Nicci said.

“We didn't expect to have so many bookings so early. I guess they love the atmosphere we offer and the accommodation style - a renovated dairy - makes it a really unique product.

“We point out many places of interest to our guests to visit in the area but we have found the majority just stay at the property and don’t move.”

The attraction of swimming in the dam of patting one of the many animals that reside on the property from cows to dogs to chooks appears to keep the guests quite amused.

The B and B is open for business seven days a week and while the guests so far have mostly been vegan or ethical eaters, the accommodation is open to anyone.

Greater Shepparton's Business Development Officer Lonnie O'Dwyer said she was really pleased to hear of the couple's success. "We had an opportunity to assist Nikki with advice,"Ms O’Dwyer said.

Nikki attended our seminars, and took part in our mentor program. She really showed determination and was destined to succeed. Nikki has a vision and could see the end product. "We recognise that different people have different approaches to how they go about achieving their goals when starting out. It is very important though to have a comprehensive business plan in case you need direction as you build the business, which is where we can help."

Ms O'Dwyer said there were a number of programs available that were supportive of entrepreneurial thinking. For more information contact Lonnie on 5832 1100 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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