Cluster promotes irrigation


The Water Technology Cluster has been set up to improve and promote irrigation in the Goulburn Murray region.

Irrigation is essential for a sustainable future and as the population continues to grow and our water supplies come under increasing pressure, efficient use of water has become a very hot topic.
The Water Technology Cluster is an imitative that has been established to improve and promote efficient use of water within the irrigation industry. It is made up of members from regionally focused organisations including irrigators, private business, local government, education, government agencies, government authorities, research and development and industry organisations.
 The cluster has a vision to have the Goulburn-Murray region known as the water technology capital of Australia.
Using a collaborative forum to engage, facilitate, educate, lead and share expertise, the clusters main focus will be to develop new water technologies that provide a sustainable future for the irrigation industry.
Technological service providers have a role to provide for the needs of irrigated farmers, while irrigated farmers have a role to change their practices and adapt new technologies so a modernised system can be created for the future.
As a way of getting information out to irrigators, the cluster held an Irrigation Expo in Echuca in May this year. Featuring water-saving initiatives from drip irrigation to pivots, pipe and risers, pumps, automation and soil moisture monitors, visitors through the gate had an opportunity to sit down and talk with business operators.
Around a 1000 visitors came through the gates and with the success of the expo clearly evident a second one will be held on the 18th and 19th May 2011.


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