Living in Greater Shepparton


shepparton logoHousing is exceptionally affordable throughout Greater Shepparton with a range of housing choices and prices favourably comparable to metropolitan prices. Greater Shepparton offers the perfect mix of natural attractions and community facilities.

In smaller towns in the region, expect to pay between about $50,000 and $150,000 for a modest three-bedroom home within walking distance of a primary school. In Shepparton, the same home would cost about $160,000.

A more luxurious home would cost from $150,000 in a small town, and about $500,000 in Shepparton.

The region also offers rural properties of around five acres and larger, with or without a home on site. Aged care housing is available in independent or full-time residential facilities. Disabled housing is also available.

Try these realestate sites to find rentals and houses to buy and other ideas for the area:

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