Funding boost for rivers and creeks


Victoria's waterways are set to receive $35 miilion for river health and sustainable irrigation projects.

The regions rivers and water catchments are set to get a boost this year with around $35.3 million in Government funding set to be delivered for river health and sustainable irrigation projects during 2010-11.
As part of the funding  the  Goulburn Broken CMA received $8,372,000 and the  North Central CMA $5,583,000.   
Parliamentary Secretary for the Environment and Water said healthy rivers are the lifeblood of Victoria.
``Healthy rivers underpin our communities, the economy and the environment and it is vital they are preserved for Victoria's future,' Mr Crutchfield said.
``Although we have received a large amount of rain in recent months, the effects of the prolonged drought are ongoing and our river systems are still in need of careful management.
"This funding will build on vital work undertaken as part of the Victorian River Health Program to protect and restore rivers being led by the Department of Sustainability and Environment."
Many of the targets set by the Victorian River Health Program Report Card back in 2002 have already been exceeded. Some of the results include:
Adding 402 gigalitres of water to the Environmental Water Reserve, improving environmental flows in 71 river reaches.
Removalof obstructions and building of fishways to allow fish to move into approximately 7900km of rivers and streams.
Around 7000 kms of rivers and streams have been fenced off and protected from stock access.
Approximately 2,300 volunteers are also regularly monitoring rivers at more than 1900 sites across Victoria.


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