Investment Opportunities in Greater Shepparton

Pavillion provides state of the art facility
2011/01/31 | Sophie Bruns

Contruction of a multi use shed at the Shepparton Showgrounds has been completed.

GMW wins award
2010/11/30 | Sophie Bruns

Innovative technology introduced by GMW to fix a siphon has been rewarded by an Australasian society for trenchless technology.

Water future is given funding boost
2010/11/08 | Sophie Bruns

A $1billion investment in stage 2 of the food bowl modernisation project gives irrigated agriculture a shot of confidence.

Milk company announces profit increase
2010/11/30 | Sophie Bruns

Murray Gulburn has reported an after tax profit of $28 million at their annual general meeting for the 2009-10 season.

Funding boost for rivers and creeks
2010/10/03 | Sophie Bruns

Victoria's waterways are set to receive $35 miilion for river health and sustainable irrigation projects.

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