The township of Leitchville battles on


It has been 12 months since Murray Goulburn closed the factory at Leitchville and residents continue to support the town.

 It has been 12 months since Murray Goulburn closed down its milk processing plant in Leitchville and the towns people are determined their little town will continue to thrive.
The Leitchville township is an area rich in farming industry including dairy and pigs. Recent rain and good water allocations mean these industries are looking toward a stronger and more profitable future and when the agriculture sector is booming, small towns benefit too.
There has been upgrade to facilities in the township. A new toilet block, change room and kiosk has been built at the pool which ties in nicely with the new car and caravan bay which was constructed on the edge of town. Visitors now have
an easy place to park and fresh, clean facilities.
IGA Supermarket owner and long term resident of Leitchville Mike Walker said residents had remained loyal to the town.
Nobody has moved out and no businesses have closed down. Most people have found employment out of town which means they may shop out of town, but really things are as positive as they can be, Mike said.
Mike said the town is always looking to improve facilities and cater for residents.
There is a mens shed getting organised and that starts up soon and the establishment of a new kiosk and toilets at the pool has been a real positive for the town.
Leitchville Hotel publican Ryan OMahony said the closure of the factory did not impact greatly on the town.
There was only 18 or 19 people who worked at the factory who lived in town and most of them have found new employment in the area, he said.
Dont get me wrong, the town would like to see something new go into the factory site. Its no good to have a plant that size in a little town sitting idle.
Leitchville Primary School principal Amanda Bradford said numbers at the school had remained steady and the new school buildings which were renovated last year, provided a productive and comfortable space for childrens learning.
We are all happy to back for the new school year. This year we lost four grade 6s but we gained three new preps, Amanda said.
The school is offering an after school program for our students and they are currently involved in a swimming program. Our new building is working well and everyone seems very happy.
District CRT merchant Geoff Fry said the towns folk had moved on from the closure of the factory.
"Many have simply got on with their lives," he said.

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