On farm efficiency program helps irrigators.


Running a dairy operation has just become a whole lot easier for Leitchville farmer Graham Douglas.

Through the On Farm Efficiency Program, 68 ha of his 129 ha farm has been laid out with 2.2km of black brute pipe and 32 risers, all controlled by a fully automated computer program, irrigation has become a whole lot easier.

“These works mean I can throw away the shovel,” Graham laughs.

“This whole program is a step in the right direction for the farming community. Five years ago I was sceptical about pumping water because I could gravitate but this is the only way the Government should be getting water, and that’s through programs like this.

“There is no way we could have ever afforded these works without the On Farm Efficiency Program.”

While Graham is no stranger to automation (he rigged up his own system back in the 90’s that was 100 per cent reliable) the installation of black brute means channel maintenance and blow outs are now a thing of the past.

Paddocks are watered one at a time with a full stream of water down each lasered bay.

A quarter of the farm is sown down to lucerne- two varieties one for grazing and one for hay production and some summer pasture.

“My overall aim is for the cows to be grazing on half pasture and the rest lucerne. We will be running all our young stock here and this new system will help carry us into the future.”

“I trust our new automated system 100 per cent. I just have to check to make sure I have my watering times for the different bays correct and once that’s right, everything will be done through the computer.”

Graham admits he is no expert on the computer but he is learning his way around and after a couple of emergency calls to the computer technician, he has got things pretty much under control.

The Douglas’ are hoping the rest of the farm will be upgraded through Stage graham douglas_008_-_Copy

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