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Gannawarra is a unique area with the GMID with the Murray River to the east and the wide open lands of the Mallee to the west. The area is inundated with waterways, lakes and swamps - around 57 in total - and home to the magnificent Gunbower Forest.

Many of the area's natural carriers are integrated with the Murray irrigation system including Kangaroo Lake, a huge 40,000ML freshwater storage, and the Gunbower Creek in Cohuna and Koondrook.

Gannawarra is agriculturally focussed and has a very strong broadacre cropping industry around Lake Meran, Kerang, Quambatook and Lalbert. The riverine plains around Cohuna, Koondrook and Leitchville are home to some of the best producing dairy farms in northern Victoria with the Murray Goulburn cheese factory capable of producing 120 tonnes of cheese per day. Tomatoes are grown on the self-mulching grey loams west of Kerang and Brown Brothers Vineyards at Kangaroo Lake have close to 1,000 acres of wine grapes planted. A 250 acre cherry orchard at Kerang highlights the diversity of products that can be grown in Gannawarra. Beef cattle, sheep and pigs are widespread and smaller crops of walnuts, onions, pumpkins and melons are grown in the area. A citrus packing business at Koondrook exports fresh citrus grown in the local area.

A strong manufacturing and industrial base is underpinned by renowned businesses such as AWMA, Dunstan Farmers engineering, Mawson's , Ellwaste, Mac's Shortbreads, Arbuthnot Sawmills, Border Packers. KerFab and Archards Irrigation.


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