Government funding improves fishing for the states anglers.


Improving boat access, signage and upgrading and installing new boat ramps are just some of the plans the state government has for waterways in both the Gannawarra and Campaspe shires.


Water Minister Peter Walsh said the government is spending $16.2 million over the next four years to improve recreational fishing opportunities.


“The Building Northern Native Fisheries will focus on sections of the Campaspe and Loddon Rivers, Gunbower Creek and Kow Swamp,” Mr Walsh said.


Works include seven new boat launching ramps- two each on Elmore Weir, Gunbower Creek and Loddon River and one at Kow Swamp, while upgrades are planned at Box Bridge and Gunbower Creek near the National Channel Road.


Shore based anglers haven’t been forgotten either with better access planned for the Barnidown Pool and Axe Creek junction on the Campaspe and a fishing platform at Kow Swamp.


In addition to improving both boat and shore based access, 100,000 Murray will be released into Kow Swamp over the next three years.


Other rivers in the Northern Native fisheries area will also benefit from the release of 365,000 Golden Perch and 645,000 Murray Cod.


Recreation Fishing Improvements manager Brian Mottram said the improvements and increased fish numbers should become a major drawcard for attracting anglers to the region.


“There are some fantastic fish out there already,” Mr Mottram said.


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