Echuca company saves water


Water saving technology is used here in Australia and overseas.

WiSA Irrigation Solutions in Echuca have dedicated their business and the last 10 years to ensuring not a single drop of precious water is wasted in the agricultural community.
Technology they have developed captures soil moisture and weather data with the help of sensors and combined with a software program, they can offer precise control of irrigation and nutrient application.
Managing director Graeme Wight said soil moisture sensors send information to a computer, which then sends commands to pumps, valves, heating, cooling, lighting or filters for simple and easy irrigation management.
The system can be used to grow many different crops across many different industries.
Dom Cutri, owner of Cutri Fruit near Swan Hill is one of the largest stone fruit growers and packers in Australia. His business leads the way in automated stone fruit nutrigation.
Our orchard uses a WiSA irrigation management system to bring in data from field and plant sensors to assess and regulate the water needs of the trees. By continually assessing the soil moisture, the irrigation system ensures the trees are able to grow to their optimal levels, Dom said.
Western Australian avocado farmer Paul Bidwell installed a system eight years ago on his 70 acre property and as technology has progressed, he has been able to update it along the way.
 Without my WiSA system Id be wasting water and losing money. The effect on my bottom line is proof enough, the system has already paid for itself many times over, Paul said.
WiSA are also fielding numerous enquiries from the Americas and other corners of the globe.
We have just finished an agricultural test site in Abu Dhabi which is running very successfully and we have also installed our technologies in a vineyard and roof top garden in France, Graeme said.
With effective water resource management a vitally important issue not only in drought affected areas but worldwide, a tool that allows industries to use their water effectively and efficiently is quite simply invaluable.


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