Heinz Echuca improves manufacturing efficiencies


Reducing energy use and improving efficiencies
to create a sustainable company is one of the major goals for Heinz Echuca.

Heinz Echuca was built 11 years ago specifically to manufacture infant feeding products.
It employs 100 people and produces 13000 tonnes of babyfood or 100,000,000 can or jars annually, which is sold all over Australia and New Zealand and exported throughout Asia, the Middle East and the Pacific region.
Site Manager Matt Pain said Heinz globally has very strong sustainability goals and Echuca was recognised as one of the best manufacturing sites internationally.
"We are always looking to improve our efficiencies and over the last 10 years we have significantly improved in all our key areas."Matt said.
"Here at the factory we have reduced our water usage by 50 per cent.
"We had a competition on site for the best water saving idea and one idea by an employee saved us 15 megalitres of water a year, just by improving our cleaning process. We are constantly looking at opportunities to recycle and reuse our water."
The factory has reduced their landfill requirement by 90 per cent by investing in an area where they can recycle their own plastic and cardboard and have come up with an inventive solution to with food waste.
"We have engaged local pig and worm farmers to take away our food scraps and we have become more efficient through the factory as well."
Investing in technology that controls lighting when people enter and exit rooms, installing skylights and using energy efficient globes has helped reduce electrical consumption by 40 per cent.
"Identifying one of our burners wasnt suitable for the job  and purchasing a smaller one has lowered natural gas consumption by 40 per cent.
"Heinz Echuca is in the top handful of factories in the Heinz world and the secret here is the engagement of the people, from the factory floor, to our top level management. Employee engagement is a very important part of the process undertaken here."


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