Equine in the GMID

Equine in Victoria

No matter what the pursuit of equine interest, the GMID is a proven area for success.
The region has been successful in breeding and training horses across all breeds and industries whether it be thoroughbred, standardbred, quarterhorse, Australian stock horse, showjumping, dressage, eventing, pleasure riding or pony club activities.

The competitive advantages of the region are considered to be:

  •     Ideal climate and the availability of suitable land
  •     Success in thoroughbred and standardbred breeding/racing
  •     Industry infrastructure such as veterinary, feed merchants, farriers and agistment
  •     Farming equipment and services such as fencing, agronomy, pastures and irrigation
  •     Training and racing assets and facilities
  •     Event facilities
  •     Array of stallions
  •     Transport
  •     Genetics and breeding services


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