Crop Production in the GMID

Crop production in VictoiraAccording to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the value of GMID's cropping industry was $396.7 million in 2005-06. Grain and hay represent the most important products produced by the csector. Grain, used for human and animal consumption, and was valued at nearly $240 million, while hay production for the livestock industry was valued at approximately $160 million.

Gross value of cropping production in the GMID ($million)

Hay Grain Total
Gannawarra 20.8 33.6 54.4
Swan Hill 4.2 86.7 90.9
Loddon 16.4 44.7 61.1
Campaspe 40.6 20.5 61.1
Greater Shepparton 35.5 10.8 46.2
Moira 41.1 41.8 82.8


The table above shows that Swan Hill and Moira Shire represent the most valuable cropping areas in the GMID. These municipalities account for approximately 23% and 21% of GMID's crop value respectively. The value of grain production is highest in Swan Hill and Loddon; this is predominantly due to the fact that a large area of dryland farming is supported in these areas. Loddon and Swan Hill accounted for 36% and 19% of GMID grain production respectively during 2005-06. In most of these dryland districts, many of the enterprises are mixed, producing crop and livestock (meat and wool) products.

The value of hay production is highest in the three eastern municipalities, mainly due to the large area of pasture and forage crops that are grown in the irrigation districts of these regions. Hay is often produced by dairy and livestock farmers to complement farms' pasture bases. Non-livestock producers with irrigation normally specialise in producing high-quality hay from forage crops, such as lucerne.

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